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I am Dorjana Stana, an international-selling self-taught fine artist. I have always found a way to protect and grow the artist inside me, no matter of life challenges or paradoxes. I feel evolving continually through my art while reflect my existence in the wonderful Universe. Through painting I remind myself to be aware and thankful of the amazing creation inside and outside of me.
My paintings are a product of images that come to my mind inspired by nature, events, people or everyday life challenges. I have been experimenting with different techniques like Oil, Acrylic on canvas, mix-media etc. I have organized two personal charity exhibitions to help vulnerable families that cannot afford basic living needs for their children. 
I have collaborated with other women artists in different exhibitions to empower Women such as:‘’ Her-O'’ exhibition,  ‘’ Albania in our eyes’’ exhibition.  Check my collections and maybe you will find there a piece of your soul. Thank you for every second of your time spent visiting my gallery. 
Do not hesitate to  contact me below for any question, I will respond as soon as I can.  Thank you.



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